pumpkin patch in central Texas – a seasonal photo essay

On Friday, we drove a back roads highway to reach a pumpkin patch. It was an autumn day and offered the opportunity to take some good pictures of the land and the sky.

On the drive down Texas 95, we captured this view of the sky.

Walking into the pumpkin area we see some late season flowers.

A glance at the sky shows the threat of coming rain.

A wood pallet in evocative colors for the season.

The same rolls from the back.

Painted pumpkins.

My wife, Lucy, enjoying the day.

A solitary tree with clouds above.

Corn on the ground.

Sky and landscape images here.

Returning to the parking lot, we see that there are various activities on site, including a petting zoo.

This is how one visitor decorated their rear vehicle windshield. An interesting thought in a degraded age of decadent hedonism.

A short distance west of the junction of highways 95 and 29 is the Sweet Eats Fruit Farm. We photographed the sign as we departed the premises.

copyright 2020 – larrysmusings.com


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