US: the 2 state solution, and an admission of guilt by Biden

It is quite clear that there are very serious and deep rooted, irreconcilable differences between the majority of voters in the so-called Blue states and the majority of voters in the so-called Red states here in the US.  As a few other bloggers have suggested in the past few years, perhaps it is time for the nation to voluntarily break into 2 nation states.  Call these what you will.  We could call them Blue America and Red America.  But, the point is that neither side is going to accept the other side’s values and objectives.  It would be better for all to divide the nation along these political fault lines and give each new nation a chance to pursue its own independent development and national life for its citizens.

(To overcome American paranoia, both new nation states will have a share of the American nuclear weapons stockpile so as to deter aggression from foreign nations.)

Personally, my wife and I just recently (late 2019) made the great sacrifice of time, effort and money to leave the ideological plantation of California and physically relocate to the south central part of the US.  We truly do not want California or “progressive” values forced on to us from the coming Biden-Harris administration.  The country must have this 2 state solution discussion.  Going forward, rigged national elections will render any opposition to the radical progressive agenda ineffective.

Biden’s admission of guilt

Regarding the video clip below:  Was this a Freudian slip or a rare lapse into the truth for the mentally impaired Joe Biden?  You be the judge.  But, it could explain a lot about the many “irregularities” in the voting and the ballot counting in several blue states and Democrat controlled cities (such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, and Atlanta).



It is just a matter of time until the US sees (and experiences) the reign of Queen Kamala.

Food for thought.

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  1. Interesting, especially the nuclear weapon sharing part. I wonder if once the country divides into two nations, if the people of those independent nations will vote the same on all issues or if a divide will emerge – much like the divide before becoming two nations? I believe that when one nation divides, then one of the parts flourishes and the other flounders.

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