Wednesday wonderings: faith and understanding; liberation and destruction; warfare and technology

Oh yes, Americans, the majority of the people can be wrong, ignorant and misinformed.  Now to the topics for today.

10 to 15 minute read.  Politically incorrect subject matter.

faith and understanding

One of the early Christian saints had told one of his students “to believe so that you will understand”.  This is an interesting thought.  We cannot know the truths of any religious faith in the same way we can know the laws of physics or mathematics or chemistry, many of which can be demonstrated in the laboratory.  We cannot dismiss out of hand mystical or spiritual experiences that many persons over the centuries have had.  But, part of the challenge of our faith is that we must accept that we cannot “know” its tenets in the same way that we know demonstrable and provable scientific laws.

We must embrace some humility here and allow our intuition to play its role in strengthening our faith.  The atheist demands proof in order to consent to believing.  This is demanding the Creator to prove Himself to the creature.  This mindset lacks humility.  By embracing humility and allowing the intuitive part of our mind to play a role, it is possible that we will understand through our believing the tenets of our Christian faith.  Skeptics may jeer us and say that such a faith, or believing without concrete proof is not rational.  They may be correct.  But if believing or having the faith is not rational, that does not mean that it is irrational, or anti-rational.  Why?  Because there are other ways or means of “knowing” than the rational means.  Doubt this?  Have you ever relied on your intuition and later realized that you avoided a terrible mistake or dangerous situation?  The mind is not well understood here in the West, and it is not limited to the everyday linear, rational way of thinking that most of us engage in most of the time.

The interplay of the intuition and one’s reason can help one develop and strengthen their faith.  It takes time and some effort, of course.

Before moving on, we note an item which makes us wonder: Why do so many Christians use the term “Judeo-Christian” when Christianity did not develop out of what modern Judaism is?  In fact, the Jews of today, be they atheists or Talmudists, are enemies of Christianity and Christian values.  We consciously choose on this blog to use only the word “Christian” when referring to things that are correctly called Christian and that are antithetical to Judaism.  We include a link to Brother Nathaniel’s website.  He is a man who was raised Jewish and then converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity and he is not afraid to expose the harm that today’s Jews do to Christian civilization.


liberation and destruction

What a long way Americans have come from the days of the “greatest generation”.  Today, once again, many Americans are cowering in fear of a virus that even the CDC admitted some time back is only responsible for approximately 6 per cent of the deaths that are claimed in the news media.  But, we dare question if this lionized “greatest generation” were so noble and virtuous at all.

Why, we ask, is almost every country that the (US led) West liberates in ruins after such liberation?  Sure, we “liberated” Germany and Japan in the 1940s and the result was complete destruction for Germany and Japan.  (Japan was permitted to rebuild more quickly after the war.  But, Germany was brutally occupied, starved and looted (i.e. punished) in both east and west for several years after 1945.)  In the 1960s and early 1970s, the US sent an environmental wrecking crew to Southeast Asia and did much harm to the countries of Indochina causing millions of deaths.  Iraq was devastated by bombing and then by punitive economic sanctions beginning in the early 1990s, and then, again, was attacked and invaded in 2003 with much destruction.  By proxy, with Obama’s blessings, Libya, Syria and Yemen have been destroyed.  The French coveted Libyan oil and gas, and that was one driving factor for their bombing of Ghaddafi’s forces in 2011.  Assad is still in power in Syria, thanks to aid from Russia, but the country is mostly destroyed and won’t recover for decades to come.  Yemen is a mess and a humanitarian disaster thanks to the American approved Saudi campaign against this poor country.

So, again, we ask, is it really necessary to visit such hellish destruction and suffering on the peoples of the world as we claim to want to “liberate” them?  Is it moral?!  Ask yourself these questions.  Food for thought.

warfare and technology

It was only from the late 1930s and the early 1940s that airplane technology had advanced to the point where long range bombers could be built and sent on missions of destruction against enemy nations’ civilian population centers.  Note this carefully.  Prior to the Second World War, the ability to terrorize and kill and maim city dwellers was limited to when armies overran defenses and entered these population centers (or were close enough to do this with field artillery pieces).

The British, and to a slightly lesser extent, the Americans took full advantage of this new technology to pursue what they smugly called their Strategic Bombing Campaign.  But, let us not deceive ourselves here.  It is more accurately described as the Allied Terror Bombing Campaign.  We have previously dealt with this topic in several essays so we will not go into detail here except to note a recent book we read on this topic that conveys the hellish horror that the German citizens of Hamburg endured in the summer of 1943 (see below).

We cannot help but wonder why human beings cannot resist the temptation to do great evil as soon as they have increased technological capability to do so?  (And, this continues today with the gruesome and macabre, pseudo scientific research being conducted in the US on aborted babies.)

We note that authors and researchers who dare to expose unpleasant truths about the war, its true causes, and its effects are often banned from online sellers such as Amazon.  Interested readers can still find many of Mike Walsh’s books at  A few of M.S. King’s books can also be found on Alibris.  (Amazon recently punitively banned all of King’s non-controversial books after banning The Bad War back in March, 2017.)

Death of A City is a very graphic and horrifying account (with much survivor testimony) of the Allied war crime of the destruction of a major civilian population center (such crimes are covered in one of the indictments at Nuremberg).  The guilty parties were never brought to justice as victors are not bound by the laws of God or man, sorry to say.  Sadly, “might makes right” was the operating credo of the Allies.



In another book, Mike Walsh not only extensively documents the looting, raping and pillaging by the Allies, including the French, in Germany, but also puts forth the idea that the ransacking and plundering was one of the reasons or motivations for the British to declare war on Germany in 1939.  Certainly, as he points out, the desire for plunder and the seizure of German intellectual property was not the only factor driving the British to declare war on Germany and seek Germany’s destruction, but that such desire was a motivating factor.  National Socialist Germany had become the second wealthiest nation state on Earth, after the US, by the late 1930s.  Oh, and we must not overlook the slave labor of the surrendered Germans in France, England, the US and the USSR.



parting shot

Personally, I will give you my thoughts on Churchill and FDR here.  If these moral bastards and war criminals are not now in Hell, then it presents us with 2 possibilities: either such a place, Hell, does not exist, or there is no justice after this life.  A disturbing thought to be sure.  Let’s consider that there are 2 sides of the coin of justice.  For there to be punishment for the wicked and unrepentant evil doers, there must be a place of punishment.  Thus, we would think that either Hell does have to exist, or the inexorable law of Karma has to be in operation.  If there is no Hell or no law of Karma, then there is no justice.  Similarly, if there is no recompense, no making whole for innocents victims, such as the non-combatants in the German and Japanese cities who were killed and maimed and orphaned  in the most horrible ways, then there is no justice after this terrible life in this flawed or fallen world.

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