a hungry cat and sundry thoughts on suffering

While out at a restaurant this past Monday afternoon, a cat approached us as we went into the restaurant and again when we left it.  This underweight cat was asking for some food.  I asked about the cat of the lady at the cashier inside.  She said the feral cat was fed well by customers exiting with food for taking home.  But, sleeping outside during the winter burns many calories each night.  Despite customers feeding this cat, he/she was still quite thin.  As well, a diet consisting of left over food from the restaurant is not like the quality cat food that house cats receive each day, which includes added vitamins and minerals.  Also, this cat likely will never see a veterinarian for shots against various feline diseases.

Truly feral cats, that is those with little or no contact with humans and which have to hunt and scavenge for their food, so I am told, only live about one and one half years.  Other cats that do get some help from humans may live up to 5 years or more.  Contrast this with well cared for house cats which are now living twelve or more years, and we see that those cats out on their own so to speak, endure a much more difficult and shorter life than the average cat kept for a pet.

Let us now show a few pictures of this poor cat.

This shot was from just before we went in to order lunch.



Another image.



These last 2 pics were from after we had finished eating and were leaving.  The cat followed us out towards the customer parking lot.



And, one more view.



Why do poor animals have to suffer so in this flawed/fallen world?  Animals, at least the mammals with their more developed brains and nervous systems, do have a level of sentience or consciousness.  They can and do experience fear and can and do feel pain, hunger, cold and heat.  It is sad that animals are treated so poorly and do suffer much in their short lives.  I wish there was a means by which we could alleviate their suffering.  (Giving a few dollars to humane societies or volunteering one’s time does help, yes, but only helps a relatively small number of animals.)

Turning our focus to the suffering we humans both experience and see all around us, we have at times found ourselves thinking the following thoughts.

Is suffering the way (or means) by which God shows His love for us?

Or, alternatively, it appears as though suffering is the coin of the realm.  By this I mean that the price of God’s glory here in this wretched, tragedy filled world is suffering.

Do not over think this short missive today.  It is only a mid-winter philosophical whimsy.  If we dwell or obsess on suffering and injustice too much, we can become terribly depressed – and that is not good.

Let us share a few other images from this past Monday, 01 February, 2021.

Some trees across the road are seen here.



Bare trees in mid winter under a blue sky.



Arriving at the tail end of the lunch time, there were several cars in the parking lot when we went in to eat.  Later, when we came out to leave, ours was the only car left in the customer lot.



copyright 2021 – larrysmusings.com


  1. Poor kitty. At least he’s getting some food. My indoor cat Tequila Summer, lived for 20 yrs before she had heat stroke from our record breaking heat of 111° in Sept last year here in CA. She died 6 days later. There are far too many dogs & cats that are not being fixed. Hell,, I’m fixed myself!

  2. Update: Today my wife and I again went to this restaurant and we asked if the cat had survived the recent record breaking cold here in Central Texas. The proprietor informed us that a couple had taken the cat and hopefully they will provide it with a loving home. His other cats also survived as they were able to get into an area below the rest rooms that is insulated from the cold.

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