“fascists”, fascists everywhere

Want to smear and discredit your opponents in thought and deed?  Why, it is simple.  Just hurl the “fascist” derogatory epithet at them.  That immediately demonizes your opponents.  Argument won!  Game over.  (Of course, you might choose to be more specific and shout “Nazi” at your opponent.  That grabs the emotions of all within earshot.  Yet, the National Socialists never called themselves by this four letter term.  “Nazi” was a derogatory epithet invented by the British to demonize their competitors, the Germans.)

There almost seems to be a competition of sorts to try and pin the label “fascism” on anyone that dares to dissent or disagree with you and your political party in an effort to discredit them and their views.  This makes it clear that for most people the word has a serious negative, odious meaning.  A few years ago, while going through my parents personal library before they passed on, I came across the book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, by Jonah Goldberg, 2007, published by Doubleday.  I skimmed a little bit of it, but did not read it.  But, it is interesting to note that although conservatives are often tagged with the fascist label by today’s “liberals”, this book makes an argument that today’s liberals are fascists.

Of course, it all depends, I guess, on how broadly or narrowly we care to define fascism, if we define it all.  But, clearly, there is a desire to pin the fascist label on those who disagree with us.  And, it is equally clear that the term is used to designate those whom we have contempt for and who ought to be shunned.

How often, might you suppose, do people hurling the f word (“fascist”) around give serious and objective consideration as to what they are saying?  Likely, this does not happen often.  The word is used reflexively in an attempt to score quick points in other people’s minds, and to discredit what someone else is saying without having to objectively and critically address the ideas they are bringing up.  But, by denigrating contrary viewpoints with the emotionally charged term “fascist”, we are not focusing on the cultural rot that those of a communist persuasion have filled our society with.  This creeping communism, or cultural Marxism, gets a free pass as we are paranoid about supposed “fascists” in our midst.

If we want to know more about fascism and fascists, we can, if we are not slothful, do our homework and look at the real history – not the claptrap in the history text books.  Fascism can be considered in part to be a nationalistic response to the communist assault on whole nations (by which we mean whole peoples) in the aftermath of World War One a century ago.  In fact, it was only strong “fascistic” leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco who were able to defeat the communists in their respective countries.

(“Nationalism” now often gets lumped in with fascism and Nazi as being a disparaging term.  We can add to the list: racism and anti-Semitism.  For the person who claims to be nationalist in their thinking, he/she can get called a racist or an anti-Semite nowadays.  How does being fond of one’s people and one’s country make one “anti-Semitic”?)

But, “hold on”, you might say, “our professors at university said that communism was not bad, and that the crimes associated with it in the public’s mind are greatly distorted and exaggerated”.

Sorry, but your professors are biased here and/or sadly misinformed and uninformed having relied on the same flawed “history” found in the text books they have read.  Western historiography is seriously biased (and corrupt) and serves to whitewash the crimes of the plutocracies (Britain and the US) and the totalitarian communist states.  By doing so, the real criminals are protected and hidden from view.

Here is a simple but often unacknowledged fact: Everywhere that communism has been tried it has failed to bring about the promised, or at least hoped for, workers’ paradise.  It has also led to the deaths of large numbers of innocent people everywhere it has been tried.  Do we need to mention the concomitant loss of true freedoms in communist states?

Americans are woefully ignorant of the true horrors of communism.  Can you find an accurate and informative book on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)?!  Virtually every work on that subject paints a rosy picture of the “republicans”, idealists who allegedly just wanted a modern republic, and buries and ignores the heinous outrages of the anarchists and communists (who were not “republicans” at all, but violent totalitarian fanatics).  (Years ago, we reviewed one of the very few books to give an accurate view of the Spanish Civil War here on this blog.  The book’s title was The Last Crusade.)

(It is interesting to note that in the open air cafes in Madrid in the 1960s and early 1970s, a person could freely criticize the Franco government and not fear being arrested and put in prison or into a gulag like system.  This was very different from what citizens behind the Iron Curtain endured.)

Or, consider Hungary in 1919 when it was ruled by the bloodthirsty psychotic, Bela Kun (Cohn).  As soon as he and his clique gained power, they quickly used the power of the state to begin killing anyone who did not immediately go full communist in all aspects of their lives.  Fortunately, Kun and his mass murderers were overthrown in less than a year and the killing was stopped.  Kun fled to Lenin’s Russia where he was welcomed.  Most Americans have never heard of this fiend or the mass killers of the Cheka and NKVD in Bolshevized Russia.

Hitler saw what the communists were trying to do in a defeated Germany after the First World War.  (Today, most people do not realize or know how close the communists came to capturing Germany in the time before Hitler came to power in early 1933.)  He also saw, or rather was informed as to what was being done in Soviet or Bolshevik Russia.  Franco was fighting the bloodthirsty anarchists and communists in Spain.  As well, Mussolini prevented the communists from seizing power in Italy in the early 1920s.  Hitler remarked in 1936, in a rather lengthy quote that I will not include here for the sake of brevity, that everywhere communism takes power it lays the countryside to waste, and ruins peoples’ lives and destroys their culture.  Whereas National Socialism in Germany had (by 1936) restored Germany to prosperity (and happiness for the German people) after it had been economically devastated by the previous war and its aftermath.  (Germany achieved this prosperity because it had broken free of the clutches of international finance and was no longer a slave to debt usury.)

My point is that we ought not be throwing about a term that most folks do not understand the correct meaning of.  As well, we ought to stop giving cover to the creeping, pervasive cultural Marxism that is destroying Christian civilization in the West by branding any and all who refuse to go along with this Marxism as devilish “fascists”.  More critical thinking and less emotionalism is needed.

We can go even further here, if you like.  The whole World War Two “official” history serves, as author Mike King says, as “the foundational mythology” for the modern world (post 1945).  We cannot correctly understand the world today in the year 2021, until we get to the truth of the 1930s and 1940s.  Yes, it does matter.

a final thought

Oh, and if you bring up the holocaust, or burnt offering story, be careful.  Many of the photographs that are alleged to be of victims of “Nazi atrocities” are actually German photos of their civilian dead after the merciless Allied bombing runs over German cities.  The works of those contemporary independent researchers who have debunked the official holocaust tale are now banned on many online sellers. The truth is just too dangerous to become widely known.

A “fascist” or “anti-Semitic” curb in a Sedona, Arizona motel parking lot.  Is it a swirl or a Swastika?



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  1. There are strategies in dealing with the accusation. I am of the opinion that people should adopt it out of spite, re define it, and make counter accusations.

    Normalize the taboo, and turn their accusation into a compliment.

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