Are people up to living free?

True  freedom does not come cheap.  It is not licentiousness as so many people today believe freedom is.  True freedom or liberty requires and is inseparable from personal responsibility.

There are threats to individual liberty in society.  That is why eternal or ongoing, continuous vigilance is needed to protect and sustain personal liberty in society.  The chief threat to liberty through history has been government.  One recalls the adage by Thomas Jefferson to the effect that “When the government fears the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”  Alas, it has always been so in human society.  Free people need to seek a healthy balance and strive to avoid harmful extremes.  The absence of government would be anarchy and chaos.  (The anarchists’ dream is a destructive nightmare that must be rejected.)  Government’s drive for power and control left unchecked produces totalitarian states where the citizens are not free, and the government is capricious, despotic and tyrannical (even when the state claims it is acting on behalf “of the people”).


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This reblogged post challenges the reader to consider that what is being reported as “news” is a corrupt and distorted narrative.

We saw on France 24’s English news service (on television) today an interview with a female professor from the University of Virginia (located in Charlottesville). She used the term “Nazis” to describe the “peaceful” protestors unhappy with the removal of historic statues in their city. This is obligatory. Anyone who dissents from the politically correct cultural Marxist paradigm and its agenda must be smeared. And, that is the way it is with the mainstream media in the Western world. Political correctness has gone too far. And, “news” is more and more perverse propaganda.

The Spruce Tunnel

(Wow –  a hardcore narrative is forming now over the events I watched today.  which tells a story  opposite of the portion I witnessed earlier today.      The politically correct way to talk about  this lawful protest is to  emphasize  words like “nazi” and “white supremacist”   and “violence”  and “hate” and “bigoted”   — and to absolutely leave out the thousands of black and white American citizens who are protesting the eradication of their own history.   The reporting is so muddled.     The character of the events will change.    The victims of the counter-protestors are finally fighting back a little, so now they can be made to look like the agitators.    The victims of Hate are being called the Haters.    This hardcore counter narrative is strong!)    


(No photos.    You will see this later and be told a different story by our (leftist) media groups, but for now, …

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a sundial and thoughts on the sun and time

The sun is taking away your life, each and every day as it traverses the sky overhead.  That is how some people view the passage of time and of one’s life in this flawed world.  Time is fleeting.  It may not be of notice to long-lived stars and galaxies, but man is painfully aware of time and its unceasing, inexorable flow from the present moment into the past.  One might say that time defines man – at the very least it is a limit, a constraint that he cannot avoid or get around while on Earth.

We individuals are like fragile bubbles of consciousness bursting and fading away after a brief moment in the sea of time.  Whether you believe that consciousness continues on a spiritual plane of existence or not, you know that your time on this material plane is short.  Thus, it is our individual responsibility to make the most of each moment in terms of living a constructive and loving life.

The sun may be thought of as taking away our life, but it also provides the energy necessary for life.  Bear in mind that photosynthesis supports the base of the food chain.  As well, physicists tell us that the heavy elements in our bodies were forged (fused) in the nuclear furnaces of now long dead stars.

The following pictures were taken in early February this year in Jaipur (northern India) at the Jantar Mantar.



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some views of India

The Abrahamic religions are not dominant in some parts of the world.  We wonder if the Abrahamic religions’ ideas and teachings seem as foreign, alien and even perhaps weird to those raised in an Indian religion as Indian religious and spiritual concepts appear to Bible believing Christians and Talmudic Jews.  (No doubt, male circumcision and the idea of a “chosen” people are very alien concepts to the peoples of India.)

India has given rise to what we know as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  (Much later, Sikhism was an attempt to reconcile Hindu concepts with Islam in northernmost India in the late Middle Ages.)  For us, the philosophy supporting Indian religion appears to be deeper and more profound than the Western philosophy that was used to support Christianity.  Albeit at the village level in the local shrines and local festivals, Hinduism appears to be polytheistic, at the highest level, the Vedas present a monotheistic view.  The major argument appears to be whether God is impersonal (the impersonal Absolute of the idealist philosophers) or is a person (has a personality, a supremely transcendent personality as in Lord Krishna).  The Bhagavad Gita speaks of a personal God (Krishna) who is eternal, immortal, all-powerful and all-knowing.

We now begin sharing pictures taken in India this past February when our blog’s photographer was on holiday in northern India with her family.  The advantage for the Western tourist is that English is spoken by many of the Indians one meets on the streets and on the various tours.



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“The Poison Papers” Reveal EPA Collusion with Chemical Industry

An informative, if somewhat depressing read here. Similarly, the FDA gives pretty much a free pass to Big Pharma on new drugs that are not always thoroughly tested, hence the terrible side effects from these powerful prescribed drugs.

The Unveiled Feminist

The Bioscience Resource Project and the Center for Media and Democracy recently released documents revealing  decades of collusion between the chemical industry and government regulators, most notably the EPA. The documents, available at , detail a history of secrecy and cover-ups on the part of government agencies charged with regulating the use of harmful chemicals in industry and agriculture.

While the EPA was declaring your family’s cattle tank a wetland, and fining property owners for digging a pond on their own property, it was simultaneously colluding with industry to conceal the toxicity of widely used chemical agents, and to keep such information from the public.

The Poison Papers are a compilation of over 20,000 documents obtained from federal agencies and chemical manufacturers via open records requests and public interest litigation. They include scientific studies and summaries of studies, internal memos and reports, meeting minutes, strategic discussions, and sworn testimonies.

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