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Here are the links to the many subject categories we have posted essays under.  When clicking on each subject category heading, you can see essays in their entirety.  (A summary form of the essays is not available with our new blog theme.)  The most recent essays appear at the top of each screen.  A few essays were classified to more than one subject category.

In alphabetical order, here are the links.

For our essays about child prostitution:

child prostitution

For essays on the economy:


For our essays on education:


For essays on energy issues:


For our essays on the environment and related issues:


Our thoughts on various books:

great books and authors

In this next category, we address health related issues and concerns.


Our essays on history:


We have written several essays on human rights issues.

human rights

For our marriage essays, click this next link.

marriage and sex

Various and sundry essays that did not fit in any other categories.


A few essays on music with some links to music videos.


A little about me.

my bio

Several essays on President Obama.


Our essays on philosophy and related topics.


Many essays with pictures are found here:


Some of our thoughts on current politics and related issues.


Essays on religion.

religion eastern

More essays on religion.

religion western

Many essays on society, and societal problems and issues that affect society.


A few old essays on TV and movies.

tv and movies

A few essays uncategorized.


Here are the bad guys (both men and women) and the bad events.


Some essays on women.


Our essays on world events.

world events


green plant


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