man poaching animals to near extinction

This poignant photo is on display at the California Academy of Sciences located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  It is one of many photographs in the “BigPicture 2017” section on the ground floor.  During our visit today, we snapped a pic of this photo.

It is very sad that an elephant was killed so that humans could make stools out of its feet.  The elephant and various species of rhinoceros are being poached to near extinction because of human greed (the international traffickers in the products from these animals), human lust and superstition (the erroneous belief that the horn of the rhino can be ground down and consumed as an aphrodisiac), and human vanity and pride (ivory for the handles of knives or daggers) and for other reasons that are hardly rational.  What a shame.  Needless to say, these practices ought to be stopped.  But, the problem lies with man.  Can he live in greater harmony with the larger world such that other species can survive into the future?  Stewardship and conservation are old concepts that need to be practiced more widely today and in the future.



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stewardship, conservation and progress

There is always a trade-off or opportunity cost in decisions about resources. This point was driven home to my colleagues and me as undergrads in a business logistics course.  During the semester, we each teamed up with 2 other students and played a game.  Called by the professor, BULOGA, it was a business logistics game (simulation, if you will) that even dealt with procurement of raw materials and managing production runs of factories.  As the physical distribution of products is such a significant cost to large manufacturing companies, reducing these expenses contributes much to overall company profitability.  And, sometimes, business decisions as to production levels of plants are made (somewhat in a backwards fashion) based on optimizing the costs of the warehousing and shipping of final products.


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chemtrails are real

There was a plane making a chemtrail pattern in the sky this morning. Coming out of my garage at 11:00 a.m. this morning, I saw a plane high in the sky emitting a chemtrail.  Not a contrail.  These lines made across the blue northern sky were not dissipating or diffusing as contrails do.  There were several such lines across the sky to the west and to the east of our home’s location north of Reno, Nevada.  We have seen these lines in the past, but rarely have we seen the plane actually making them.

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geo-engineering, man’s folly, and crimes against humanity


Listening to late night radio last night, we heard more talk of geo-engineering and its very damaging effects on our planet’s weather patterns.  (This was the inspiration for this essay.)  These damaging effects are a very serious threat to the health of human populations the world over.  Indeed, to all life on the planet.

We share this pic of ours to convey the idea that man cannot alter the weather over one part of the globe without effects being felt elsewhere.  The world’s weather is that kind of system.  Keep that in mind.


globe 4


Geo-engineering is man’s purposeful actions to alter the weather – either locally or over larger areas of the Earth’s surface.  We are not talking here about the burning of fossil fuels.  (Oil in our view is not a fossil fuel.  We see it as a-biogenic.  Coal is a fossil fuel from ancient plant material.)  Yes, many have heard of these activities under the term “chem-trails”.  We have observed these in the skies in our area in the high elevation desert of the American West.  Chem-trails in the sky have been observed in many parts of the world – in various European countries and throughout North America.  There are indications that Russia and China have been involved in these activities as well.

A question comes to my mind on this:  Why are various governments spraying chemical compounds (not natural to the Earth’s atmosphere) into the atmosphere on a large scale on a continuing basis?

The first guest on the radio show last night talked of atmospheric ozone holes in both hemispheres (northern and southern), droughts with resulting increases in forest fires, the “polar vortex” that hit the central and eastern US last winter, and the intensification of the monster or super typhoon that hit the Philippines before spending itself over Vietnam last November as being caused or made significantly worse by these geo-engineering programs.  We now share the link to his website:

(This website can take a few moments to load at some internet speeds.)

The “climate change” that the environmentalists (or eco-fanatics, those who have a problem with any development of the world’s resources, even when such development is environmentally responsible) are worried about and complaining about may be being caused by these government sponsored geo-engineering programs.  (We do not believe that the burning of coal and oil is the cause.  As well, the activity of the sun is a major factor and cannot be ignored.)

man’s folly

In recent decades, certainly since the development of the atom bomb in the mid 1940s, we observe that man’s advances in his technological prowess and scientific knowledge are far outpacing his wisdom.  Man lacks ethical maturity, lacks self-control and consequently has poor judgement.  (Liberals may disagree here, but I do not care.)  We, who are adults, tell our children not to play with fire as they can be seriously harmed by improperly handling and controlling fire.  Yet, we play with forces that could destroy life on the entire planet.

Ethical considerations aside (for the moment) for the sake of liberals:  Do you really think it is such a good idea to be genetically modifying plants and seeds used in our agriculture (known as GMOs)?  Do you really think it is beneficial to mankind when those in governments (who cannot help but lie to their citizens to cover up their crimes!) are playing around with the weather over large areas of the globe?  Is nuclear power generation, that allows for no human error at all and that produces lethal radioactive waste, a boon?  (Seriously, splitting atomic nuclei for heat to boil water into steam that spins the electric turbines.  Splitting atoms just to boil water?!)  Where is the value in human embryo stem cell research when numerous studies show that the promise of stem cells’ efficacy in medicine lies in adult stem cells, and the greater risks of uncontrolled mutations into cancerous cells and tumors are found in embryonic stem cells?!  And, what of the cannibalistic harvesting of fetal tissues and organs from aborted babies that are used in medical research and experimentation, and even in some cosmetics?  Lastly, one thinks of the ghastly and macabre and bizarre mixing of human DNA with animal DNA to make hybrid organisms (also known as “chimeras”) – this is not horror fiction, but is actually going on in some medical labs throughout the world.

Can we rule out the possibility and even the likelihood that there will be unforeseen and serious, adverse effects from the above mentioned activities?

crimes against humanity

These assaults on the world’s environment and eco-system, on our world’s agriculture, and on the most vulnerable among us (children in utero) are crimes against humanity.

Whether these crimes be motivated by greed, lust for profits, hunger for power over the weather or over life itself, or by a utilitarian – an ends justifies the means – rationale and hope for medical breakthroughs ultimately does not much matter.  The continuing danger and harm are real, not abstract.  This is very serious.  Let’s not engage in denying or trivializing this harsh reality.

These crimes against humanity are not just affecting those of us living now, but will impact generations yet unborn.  There are moral considerations and consequences here.

We have this one fragile planet to live on.  It is our “biosphere” – let’s not trash it for all life on it.


globe 2


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man-made global warming raises its ugly head once more

man-made global warming raises its ugly head once more

Are human beings rational?  When a lie is repeated often enough it becomes accepted as truth, and is no longer given serious scrutiny.


globe 3


Today, we hear President Obama’s press secretary, Carney, telling us that there is much we can do to prepare for the deleterious effects of climate change.  There is definitely an expanded role for the US government, and indeed for international bodies such as the United Nations (the World Bank, the IMF, etc.).  We cannot, in good conscience, let this go unchallenged.

As you all know the assertion is repeated again and again that the earth’s atmosphere is warming and this is causing climate change.  Mankind, by burning so-called fossil fuels, is responsible for this.  (We say “so-called fossil fuels” as we believe petroleum (oil) to be abiogenic in origin as we discussed in one of our earliest essays in June, 2012.  Coal, on the other hand, does appear to be from fossilized ancient plant/tree life.)  Carbon dioxide (CO2), produced when burning various fuels, is a so-called green house gas.  Shame on you, dear readers, as you are emitting this terrible gas with every exhalation from your lungs. (Plants and trees need CO2 to grow and survive; these basically act to recycle the CO2 from the atmosphere and give back molecular oxygen (O2) to our atmosphere.  This is basic 3rd grade elementary school science.)  What we are rarely told is that water vapor is a much more potent green house gas in the earth’s atmosphere.  In fact, without water vapor in the atmosphere, the earth would be too cold for most life we see around us.  You would not like to live in a permanent ice age, would you?  No holidays at the beach, and no young girls sporting bikinis.

Others have taken on the proponents of so-called manmade global warming. (The exclusion of data from Russia (a large chunk of real estate!) from the data used in computer models, the frauds committed by that university in England (East Anglia, was it?), the disagreement between comprehensive satellite temperature data and ground based measurement points located near concrete cities are all ignored by people such as Al Gore and his like.)  For me, this has been debunked as I believe that man (and woman) is not responsible for more than a small fraction of the warming.  The sun’s cycles and the natural cycles of the earth are responsible.  No sane person will assert that we humans can do anything about what goes on in the sun.

I do not wish to repeat their arguments here, but rather want to address 2 related issues. 1. Elitist power and control over our lives.  2. How to meet our energy needs and maintain our standard of living in an environmentally responsible manner.  We’ll address the 2nd issue first and at greater length.

energy options

Nuclear power has been touted by some as a safe source of electric power generation that does not contribute CO2 to the atmosphere.  Sadly, nuclear power is not only incredibly expensive when you factor in all(!) the relevant costs (including reactor decommissioning costs, some of which are borne by taxpayers, and the long-term storage of the “waste” (a still unresolved issue in the US today) which is basically the fission by-products left at the end of the reactors’ lives and which decay rapidly and thus are very dangerous for the first several decades) – but nuclear power is not safe, not safe at all.  We wrote on this last autumn:  Nuclear power is inherently dangerous and allows for no human error(s).

Even though I worked for 10 years (1986 – 1996) for one of the largest electric power utility companies in the US that had (and still has) a large 2 unit nuclear complex in operation, I am now against the commercial use of nuclear power.  Splitting uranium atoms just to boil water into high pressure steam to turn electric turbines is not sane.  (To be clear here, the water that circulates through the reactor is not turned into the steam that turns the turbines – it is basically a 2 step process.  Clean, non-irradiated water is heated to a boil from contacting the walls of the pipes that circulate the thermally hot reactor water.)

A little history is relevant here.

While an undergraduate at university, the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania had a partial meltdown in March, 1979.  Years later in the 1980s, it came to light that the destruction of the crippled reactor’s core was significantly worse than the citizenry was led to believe at the time of the “accident”.

In April, 1986, Chernobyl in the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic experienced the worst “accident” in nuclear power history (to that time).  Readers in Europe ought to remember this as much of the radioactive fall-out came down on Scandinavia and Poland.

March, 2011.  In a very seismically active region of the world, Japan experiences a mega earthquake of 9.0 on the Richter scale (being a logarithmic scale, a 9.0 is 10 times as powerful as an 8.0 quake, and 100 times as powerful as a 7.0 temblor).  A major tsunami results that knocks out the vital cooling necessary to prevent serious reactor damage. (Even when the fuel rods are pulled out and nuclear fission stops, reactors must be cooled for long periods of time because of the significant decay heat produced by the decaying isotopes of iodine, cesium and strontium.)  The government of Japan, and the Tokyo Electric Power company still (now 3 years on) have not stopped the continuing leakage of radiation into the environment (which includes the Pacific Ocean).

Nuclear power is not a rational choice for meeting our energy needs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

So-called cold fusion (nuclear fusion, not fission) is decades, at least, away from becoming commercially and economically viable.  It is still at the experimental stage in a few advanced physics labs scattered around the world.  This is also the situation with large-scale economically viable (meaning no major government subsidies) solar energy – it is decades away.  Wind turbines are unreliable as the wind is unreliable and are killing millions of birds each and every year.  Hydro-electric generation does not add green house gases to the atmosphere so a person might think that this option would be acceptable to global warmers.  Not so, as major dams do alter the environment significantly.  In this we agree as we have seen for ourselves Lake Mead and Lake Powell in the desert southwest US.  These manmade lakes formed behind Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam respectively and did substantially change the local environments over many hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles.  As well, dams are very expensive to build now.

So, what can we do for the next few decades (basically for the rest of our lives and much of our children’s lives)?

Being realistic and pragmatic about our choices brings us to those resources we have in abundance within the US and yet are choosing not to make use of.  As we do not buy into the manmade global warming scam, we say the US ought to develop more of its truly vast natural gas resources both in the lower 48 states and in Alaska.  Clean coal is in abundance in the Powder River Basin of eastern Wyoming.  We already have many coal-fired electric power plants.  Regrettably, Obama and his extremist EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have shuttered many coal plants and idled thousands of coal miners.  Coal miners, working families that you are, Obama does not care for working Americans.  Five years into his presidency, we now know that Obama does not care for middle class working families.  His policies prove this.

Let’s not oppose the environmentally responsible development of our own resources.  We can boost the growth of our economy and create good jobs at the same time that we would bring down the cost of energy for all Americans (and actually help to lower the cost of energy for the rest of the world as we in the US would be increasing its supply).  To the eco-fanatics, who oppose all development, I ask have you ever considered that conservation and stewardship are old concepts and have worked in the past?!

opportunistic, misguided elitists

Does it make sense to insist that the US reduce its emissions of CO2 when the largest emitters of CO2, China and India, have repeatedly told the world that they will not do so?!

This manmade global warming scam (or fraud, if you prefer) is being used by the big government control freaks and liberal elitists to justify being even more intrusive into our lives.  If the people of Europe put up with this nonsense, that is their choice.  Americans ought not follow the lead of a largely socialist Europe.  (Although we note in passing that some Europeans are beginning to say enough is enough of this nonsense.)  If the elitists have their way expect your costs of energy to rise significantly in the coming years.  This means both gasoline for your car or truck and your home and business utility bills.  As well, these costs will be passed on by others to you.  Consumers (individuals and families) will suffer big time.  This is immoral.  These elitists do not care that they are basing their demands on a fraud.

There is one other thing people really ought to be aware of.  These elitists, so very concerned with the welfare of humanity and the well-being of the planet, do not really care about the individuals they harm.  They view human beings as the problem.  Reduce the numbers of human beings and thus the problems in the world are reduced.  They at times will even refer to human beings as “weeds” or akin to cancerous tumors to the earth. These same climate alarmists and eco-fanatics often support and advocate population control programs throughout the world.  And, they readily endorse coercive population control as goes on in China and in some countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  There is a component of racism at play here.  Most of these elitists are white.  In their view, it is better if there are less infants of color born throughout the world.  This is reflected in the aid given to less developed countries in Africa.  What complaints do we hear from the local doctors in these countries?  They complain of not having simple antibiotics and vaccines for childhood diseases.  They also tell of incredibly large shipments (to them from aid agencies) of contraceptives.  The message is clear:  the elitists do not care for those brown and black children already here and do not want very many born in the future.

My view is that each country’s citizens can address the issue of population and family planning for themselves, and ought not be victimized by rich, white elites in Europe and in North America.

Beware of the vile hypocrisy among these elitist control freaks!

We have written on environmental topics before.  This is a helpful essay (with helpful links).

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nuclear power allows for no human errors

nuclear power allows for no human errors

As the crippled and severely damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan appear in the news from time to time, I thought we would address the issue of nuclear power in an essay.

Why does this matter?  For 2 reasons.  First, the radiation released at Fukushima travels through the atmosphere and the ocean so that it is a health threat far beyond Japan. Secondly, today there are nuclear reactors in many industrial countries that pose similar risks to human health as such technology is not safe.  (Such health risks and threats include increased incidence of cancers, birth defects, contamination of the food we consume, possible genetic mutations, and for people living near to large radiation releases, acute radiation poisoning and death.)

There are websites that are more closely monitoring the developments at Fukushima.  The public, both in Japan and internationally, has not been told all the facts of the current situation.  The remaining risks of further large releases of radiation are quite real and serious.  These crippled reactors, in damaged buildings, are still located in an area that is prone to earthquakes.  To date, the cleanup and/or effective containment of the radioactive reactor cores, fuel rods, and radioactive water (used as coolant) has not been completed, nor even progressed very far.  Tokyo Electric Power still seems to be taking a wait and see attitude, and is not moving aggressively to prevent further releases of radiation.  From some reports, radioactive water from the nuclear complex is leaking into the sea each day.

Despite nuclear power industry assurances as to safety, nuclear power is inherently dangerous.  This is just the nature of the beast, so to speak.  The fission by-products that are various radioactive isotopes of Iodine, Cesium and Strontium decay and are damaging to life – human, animal, and plant.  Yet, because of the oil price shocks of the 1970s (1973-4, and 1979), a few countries built many nuclear power generation plants (France, Japan, and the US).

When dealing with such a dangerous activity (nuclear fission), there is no margin for human error.  Human error in the design of the plant at Fukushima may be partly (even largely) to blame for the disaster.  As well, human error occurs in the response to an emergency.  Even with extensive training of plant operators, safety drills, hours spent in simulators (of the plant’s control room), extensive safety procedures, and the presence of backup cooling systems with backup power sources to run them, we cannot guarantee that a person, or persons, during a crisis will respond correctly in the critical moments.  At Fukushima, it appears that Tokyo Electric Power personnel did not move quickly in the early hours of the crisis (March, 2011) to restore cooling to the various reactors (which stay hot because of decay heat even when fission has stopped).  We cannot eliminate the possibility of human error causing or contributing to a nuclear plant crisis or “accident”.  This is true at all the world’s nuclear facilities.

Nuclear plant accidents may so far have been infrequent, but when these occur, the effects can be very harmful to health and be very widespread.  Fallout from Fukushima did make it to North America by the prevailing winds in the northern hemisphere.  Air borne fallout from Chernobyl (1986) came down on eastern Europe and Scandinavia.  Also, troubling is the nuclear “waste” that is residing at the 100 or so nuclear reactors in the US.  Originally, this was to be transported to Yucca Mountain in Nevada for secure long-term underground storage, but this has not happened and does not appear likely to happen.  Thus, radioactive spent fuel is sitting in pools of water around the country and poses a risk of being released to the environment.

Taking a step back, and taking a broader perspective, we question the wisdom of producing electricity by splitting uranium atoms.  Fission produces heat that is used to boil water to make steam that then turns turbines (electromagnetic induction).  (The reactor cooling water is not what turns turbines, the process has other steps so that clean water is boiled.) Fossil fuels are much safer to burn to generate heat and boil water for electric energy production.

So-called man-made global warming has been debunked now.  (Only ecological and big government fanatics still cling to this idea.  Oh, and a misinformed public.)  While the world seeks to develop safe and economically viable alternative energy sources (which may be decades away), we ought to move away from nuclear power and use fossil fuels.  The US alone has a few centuries worth of electric power generation in its natural gas and coal reserves.  These can be used with appropriate pollution control technology that is here with us now.

A final thought on Fukushima.  At the time of its construction (in the 1970s), it was known that the eastern coast of Japan was much more seismically active than its western coast. Such nuclear facilities could have been built on the western coast of the country.  This might have necessitated constructing more miles of electric transmission lines to deliver the electricity, but that would have been a small price to pay for reducing the risks of a major plant accident.

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Obama and climate change

Obama and climate change

We had heard last week that this was coming once President Obama returned from his trip to Europe.

Mr. Obama gave a speech today at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. announcing a big push to limit or reduce the “dumping” of so-called heat trapping gases into the atmosphere.  (Al Gore praised the speech.)

However, if China and India, by far the biggest emitters of such gases, do not reign in their emissions, any reduction in the US will not be adequate to save mankind from the doomsday the eco-fanatics envision.  China and India have previously said they will not accommodate demands for them to reduce such emissions.  China is building more coal-fired electric generating stations each year and plans to continue doing so for years to come.

Readers, so-called manmade global warming has been debunked.  (Al Gore is one of the few who do not know this.)  Recall the scandal a few years ago about all the fudged data and fraud at East Anglia University in England on this subject?

In case you were living on another planet at the time, or are memory impaired, here is just one link to help you.

So, what is this really all about?

Here we have yet another instance of the abuse of government authority.  It is a power grab.  Mr. Obama wants a Soviet style industrial policy for the United States where his government bureaucrats will micromanage industrial activity.  All for our own good, of course, and for the good of everyone else on the planet.

Why the big push now?  To appease his supporters on the Left?  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, a part of the US federal government) is already shutting down coal-fired electric power plants across the country.  (This is significant as coal is the biggest slice of the electric generating pie in the US.  Hydroelectric and nuclear generation trail far behind coal in gigawatt hours produced.)  The EPA is issuing regulations by the day to burden businesses, and make them less cost efficient and thus less economically competitive.  (Increased oil production in the US is coming from state and private lands being developed, not from federal lands.)  The result of all this government overreach will be significantly higher electric utility bills for US consumers and businesses (and possible summer blackouts or brown outs), higher unemployment, and an even weaker economy. (This is in addition to the crushing effects now being felt by many small to medium size businesses because of Obama Care).

We, in the US, cannot afford this man’s vainglorious dreams and fantasies any longer.  We are paying a very heavy price for Obama’s insatiable hunger for power over all aspects of our lives.

Here is another essay to consider.


as to sea level rise

as to sea level rise

Dear readers, across many time zones, here we present links to a very lengthy article on sea level rise.  We said in a recent essay (under “random musings”) that we did not feel the need to address climate change as others have already debunked it.  That still holds true, but, we wish to pass on this link to those readers who may be interested in its subject matter.  We do count some science buffs among our blog’s subscribers.

The late John Daly (1943 – 2004) was an early and outspoken skeptic of human caused global warming, and all the alarmist calls for extreme measures to combat it.  He was originally from Britain, but spent most of his later years in Tasmania, Australia.  I had the privilege of a very brief email correspondence with John some months before he unexpectedly passed away.  We were both concerned with accuracy in claims to sea level rise.  John had wanted to find out more about the sea level benchmark in the Falkland Islands (far southern Atlantic Ocean).  In the linked article, he talks at length about the mean sea level benchmark from 1841 in Tasmania, fronting on the great southern ocean.

If you make it through the lengthy article (or scroll to the latter part of it), you will find that there has not been a significant change in sea level since the very late 1880s according to this benchmark.  However, there does appear to have been a noticeable change in sea level between 1841 and 1888 (less than 50 years).

If in fact, the earth has warmed in the past several decades due to the Sun going through a temporary but more active, energetic phase (as is indicated from observations of the other planets and moons in our solar system in recent years), then no sane (and honest) person will fault humans for the behaviour of the sun.  (Are you listening Al Gore?!)  As well, the data is skewed by too many ground based measurement points that are near the heat islands of concrete cities that radiate heat at night.  (Try walking barefoot on a summer’s evening – after the sun has set – on your patio or along a sidewalk.  You will feel the heat of the concrete.)  There is satellite data that contradicts this ground based data and fails to show such significant warming as is claimed.  The satellite data is comprehensive, covering the entire world’s surface area.

Some readers may point out that there have been many news articles in recent years pointing to a loss of ice in Greenland that may, if it continues, serve to raise sea levels.  We do not dispute that.  As well, there has been some loss of ice in the Antarctic peninsula (that portion of the continent that juts up near to South America, and accounts for only 2 per cent of Antarctica’s landmass).  However, there have been some reports that the ice sheets of Antarctica (that total to 9 or 10 times the volume of Greenland’s ice sheet) have been expanding in recent years.  It may be that the volume of ice that is being lost in the far north is being taken up again in the far south.  (Be aware that sea borne ice when it melts does not raise sea levels.  Ice on land melting and draining into the ocean will raise sea levels.)

Here are the links (fortunately his family and friends have kept this site up):

Main site:

Part 1 of the article on The Isle of the Dead (where the sea level benchmark is located):

Part 2 is here (the isle is so named as it has a graveyard for convicts who died in prison):

We note that today is the 10th anniversary of part 2 being posted online.

Variations in CO2 Growth Rate Associated with Solar Activity

There are other related, thought provoking and informative articles on his site.

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