question circumcision

what circumcision does not do

Allegedly a panacea, or at least an effective preventive measure, for everything from masturbation caused epilepsy * to cervical cancer to now the spread of AIDS (HIV), circumcision has nothing to do with any of these things as the foreskin’s presence or absence does not affect cervical cancer rates **, has nothing to do with masturbation habits or practices, and does not play a significant role in transmission of HIV (we have looked over some of the “studies” purportedly showing circumcision as a factor in reducing transmission of HIV and these studies have some serious limitations and flaws).  Amputation of the foreskin (and that is what circumcision in the US is) is not medically necessary nor justified.


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mental illness: contagious psychosis

Can mental illness be contagious?  And, if so, how can such a contagious mental illness be spread?

The spread of an infectious and contagious disease usually requires a means or path of transmission called a vector.  In the case of a viral or bacteria infection, a person has to come into physical contact with the virus or bacteria to contract the disease.

If various forms (or “strains”) of mental illness can be contagious, then what are the physical vector(s) in the transmission of the disease?


untitled 10


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the abortion breast cancer link

Why are women not being told of this?

Some times real world consequences are taken more seriously than moral concerns.

This link between aborting a first pregnancy and an increased risk of breast cancer later in life for the woman (or girl) who aborts has been known for some years now (since at least the mid to late 1990s).  Yet, abortion providers and those who refer women and teenage girls to abortion providers rarely inform their patients of this link.  As well, the American medical establishment fails to take this link seriously and remains silent about it.  The breast cancer research charities are interested in finding a cure and want your financial donations.  These organizations are not interested in prevention. (There is no money to be made in prevention.)

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childhood vaccinations: protecting your children from harm

Parents need to proactively step in and protect their children from the harm of vaccines. The first thing to do is to say NO to the doctors that insist on injecting your small children with shots that have multiple vaccine agents and dangerous accelerants.  A young child’s body is so very vulnerable to the toxicity of the powerful chemicals and heavy metals in these shots that prudence and common sense demand that these vaccines be spread out over many months.

The public needs to demand these vaccines be made safer.  Even if this reduces profits for the companies who manufacture these vaccines.

The skyrocketing increase in “autism” in US children in the past 30 years makes one ask: What has changed in the environment for US children during this time?  Perhaps the biggest single factor to have changed is the strength and toxicity of the vaccines they are injected with.  (When I was very young at the start of the 1960s, babies and small toddlers were not injected with so many vaccines within the first 6 to 18 months of age.  These shots were spread out over a longer period of time and not as many multiple shots were given.  Autism was rare.)  But, autism is not the only possible harmful side effect from vaccines.

Children need to be protected from harm, from all sources of harm.

Others make this argument much better than I, so we include a few links for parents and concerned individuals.  If you have small children, or know of others (family, friends, etc.) that do, please consider talking with them about this very serious health issue.

Now most subscribers will not read this essay and fewer still will visit these links, but these are informative.  The choice is yours as to how much effort you will make to inform yourself and your loved ones.

Google search using these terms “US vaccines autism link” will give you many articles for reading.

The US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has tried to debunk the link between vaccines and autism; but one must remember that the CDC, the FDA, and big Pharma are all linked together and behave in ways to protect and promote profits for the pharmaceutical companies (that also manufacture and market these vaccines).  Can we trust the medical establishment (including doctors) to be honest and objective in this area?

Here is one recent article.

Another Google search you can do: “US vaccine harmful side effects”.  We see that the CDC makes strenuous efforts to downplay risks (as it has done with the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) given to teenage and pre-teen girls).

And, what of human DNA within the vaccines that children are injected with?

Yes, you read those words correctly.

If you Google search using the terms I used (“US vaccines fetal tissue”), you will see that there are many articles on this very “controversial” and contentious issue (because the fetal tissue is procured from aborted human babies).

This next article (from 2011) does a good job of informing readers of what has been going on in the vaccine industry for many years.

Another blogger has written numerous times on vaccines and the harm these cause.

We do not necessarily agree with all this man writes, but he does take on the powerful and corrupt US medical establishment, and that is very much needed today.

And, from our own archives, there are other things children need to be protected from:

Ritalin, statin drugs, etc. are not good for children to be taking.

We have also written previously on getting needless shots for older children and for adults. We strongly advise against getting flu shots.  We quote now from an earlier essay (

Okay, I am not a big fan of tainted vaccines or vaccines that have harmful side effects. Here is my advice for our readers.  You cannot undue the vaccines forced on you when you were a child.  But, you can be careful what you do to your children, or should I say what you allow these doctors to do to your children.  (The surging rates of autism in the US may be linked to tainted vaccines in recent years. . . . . )  As well, you do not have to queue up each autumn or early winter for a so-called “flu shot”.

Do you really need the heavy metals in such shots?  No, as many of these metals accumulate in the organs of the body and can harm your health.  The doctors take a guess at what strains of influenza they think will be prevalent in the coming winter and that is what the shots are designed to boost immunity against.  Sadly, they rarely guess correctly and the strains of influenza are known to mutate.  Thus, your flu shot is largely a placebo for peace of mind that does not really protect you from coming down with any of a number of strains of influenza.

I’ll tell you this.  I have never, and will never, get one of these shots.  I cannot recall the last time I came down with influenza, but it has been at least 15 years or longer since I have.  Head colds with sinus congestion, and chest colds, yes, maybe every couple of years I get one of them.

Do yourself a favor and say no to the flu shots.  Here are better things to do to lessen the chance of getting ill during the winter.  If when on public transit, some one is coughing or sneezing near you, get up and move to another part of the bus, or the train.  (I used to give up a seat and even stand in another part of the train or street car to reduce my exposure.) Wash with soap, or if not practical at the time, at least rinse your hands after you touch likely germ infested surfaces. Such surfaces include shopping carts, doors to public buildings and rest rooms, and a big offender, the gasoline dispenser when you fuel your car. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and even supplement with multi-vitamins to get more vitamins C and E.  (Capsules and even softgels are better absorbed and are much more effective than tablets.)

A healthy skepticism of the doctors (who are not all-knowing) and some common sense can help you protect your health and the health of those you care about.

end of quote.

They cannot fine you or imprison you for exercising common sense.  Take ownership of your health.  (Although coercion is coming as more of Obama Care is phased in.)

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geo-engineering, man’s folly, and crimes against humanity


Listening to late night radio last night, we heard more talk of geo-engineering and its very damaging effects on our planet’s weather patterns.  (This was the inspiration for this essay.)  These damaging effects are a very serious threat to the health of human populations the world over.  Indeed, to all life on the planet.

We share this pic of ours to convey the idea that man cannot alter the weather over one part of the globe without effects being felt elsewhere.  The world’s weather is that kind of system.  Keep that in mind.


globe 4


Geo-engineering is man’s purposeful actions to alter the weather – either locally or over larger areas of the Earth’s surface.  We are not talking here about the burning of fossil fuels.  (Oil in our view is not a fossil fuel.  We see it as a-biogenic.  Coal is a fossil fuel from ancient plant material.)  Yes, many have heard of these activities under the term “chem-trails”.  We have observed these in the skies in our area in the high elevation desert of the American West.  Chem-trails in the sky have been observed in many parts of the world – in various European countries and throughout North America.  There are indications that Russia and China have been involved in these activities as well.

A question comes to my mind on this:  Why are various governments spraying chemical compounds (not natural to the Earth’s atmosphere) into the atmosphere on a large scale on a continuing basis?

The first guest on the radio show last night talked of atmospheric ozone holes in both hemispheres (northern and southern), droughts with resulting increases in forest fires, the “polar vortex” that hit the central and eastern US last winter, and the intensification of the monster or super typhoon that hit the Philippines before spending itself over Vietnam last November as being caused or made significantly worse by these geo-engineering programs.  We now share the link to his website:

(This website can take a few moments to load at some internet speeds.)

The “climate change” that the environmentalists (or eco-fanatics, those who have a problem with any development of the world’s resources, even when such development is environmentally responsible) are worried about and complaining about may be being caused by these government sponsored geo-engineering programs.  (We do not believe that the burning of coal and oil is the cause.  As well, the activity of the sun is a major factor and cannot be ignored.)

man’s folly

In recent decades, certainly since the development of the atom bomb in the mid 1940s, we observe that man’s advances in his technological prowess and scientific knowledge are far outpacing his wisdom.  Man lacks ethical maturity, lacks self-control and consequently has poor judgement.  (Liberals may disagree here, but I do not care.)  We, who are adults, tell our children not to play with fire as they can be seriously harmed by improperly handling and controlling fire.  Yet, we play with forces that could destroy life on the entire planet.

Ethical considerations aside (for the moment) for the sake of liberals:  Do you really think it is such a good idea to be genetically modifying plants and seeds used in our agriculture (known as GMOs)?  Do you really think it is beneficial to mankind when those in governments (who cannot help but lie to their citizens to cover up their crimes!) are playing around with the weather over large areas of the globe?  Is nuclear power generation, that allows for no human error at all and that produces lethal radioactive waste, a boon?  (Seriously, splitting atomic nuclei for heat to boil water into steam that spins the electric turbines.  Splitting atoms just to boil water?!)  Where is the value in human embryo stem cell research when numerous studies show that the promise of stem cells’ efficacy in medicine lies in adult stem cells, and the greater risks of uncontrolled mutations into cancerous cells and tumors are found in embryonic stem cells?!  And, what of the cannibalistic harvesting of fetal tissues and organs from aborted babies that are used in medical research and experimentation, and even in some cosmetics?  Lastly, one thinks of the ghastly and macabre and bizarre mixing of human DNA with animal DNA to make hybrid organisms (also known as “chimeras”) – this is not horror fiction, but is actually going on in some medical labs throughout the world.

Can we rule out the possibility and even the likelihood that there will be unforeseen and serious, adverse effects from the above mentioned activities?

crimes against humanity

These assaults on the world’s environment and eco-system, on our world’s agriculture, and on the most vulnerable among us (children in utero) are crimes against humanity.

Whether these crimes be motivated by greed, lust for profits, hunger for power over the weather or over life itself, or by a utilitarian – an ends justifies the means – rationale and hope for medical breakthroughs ultimately does not much matter.  The continuing danger and harm are real, not abstract.  This is very serious.  Let’s not engage in denying or trivializing this harsh reality.

These crimes against humanity are not just affecting those of us living now, but will impact generations yet unborn.  There are moral considerations and consequences here.

We have this one fragile planet to live on.  It is our “biosphere” – let’s not trash it for all life on it.


globe 2


Why so few likes for our thematic essays?  Is it only the photos that people like?  🙂

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aspartame – a major threat to your health

aspartame – a major threat to your health

We keep hearing that aspartame – the artificial sweetener added to diet sodas, sugar-free chewing gum, some candy bars and other food items – is very dangerous to human health. Thus, we offer this short essay for our readers.  Please note: Despite current controversy and the existence of many online articles that claim that aspartame is safe for human consumption, we believe that where health is concerned one ought to err on the side of caution.

We do not use diet sodas, but we do chew a few pieces of sugar-free gum each week.  Going forward, we are completely eliminating this gum containing aspartame from our lifestyle. For those who are “hooked” on diet sodas, please consider safer alternatives such as fruit juices, lemonade, green tea, coffee or even plain old water.

Be aware that this ingredient is sometimes not explicitly listed on food packaging and can appear as “other natural flavors”.  There are some fears that aspartame is being put into dairy products in some parts of the country, and even into infant formulas!  Even chewing gums that list sugar as an ingredient may contain some aspartame.  As aspartame is in so many food items now, it is difficult to completely eliminate it from your diet.  Consciously avoiding this ingredient in those products that you know contain it will reduce your intake of it and help to preserve and protect your health.

Before sharing some links to articles where you can learn more, we must comment about a harmful ingredient being allowed into our food supply in the US.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proving to be more than merely incompetent, but is actually criminally corrupt in ignoring studies that demonstrate that aspartame is not only a carcinogen but can lead to seizures, skin problems, internal organ and brain damage.  The FDA is known to be in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.  Now, we can see that it is in collusion with the makers of food additives as well.  If companies have spent money developing ingredients that are harmful to humans, these ingredients must not be approved for use.  The companies can write off their development costs as a loss, and must not be allowed to profit by poisoning our citizens.

Here are several helpful links.

A cornucopia of linked articles here (including dairy producers and aspartame):

A sobering article here from Dr. Janet Starr Hull:

For a common sense detoxification program, see this link.  Most of these steps you can easily do right now.  The hair analysis (step 3) is only necessary if you have serious symptoms right now that you think are from aspartame.

At the bottom of this next link, there are some key words to note – aspartame is sometimes listed under other names.

A related helpful website with much information here:

Please share this information with your family and friends!  As well, inform your co-workers about this serious threat to health.  Spread the word that aspartame is dangerous to human health.