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what circumcision does not do

Allegedly a panacea, or at least an effective preventive measure, for everything from masturbation caused epilepsy * to cervical cancer to now the spread of AIDS (HIV), circumcision has nothing to do with any of these things as the foreskin’s presence or absence does not affect cervical cancer rates **, has nothing to do with masturbation habits or practices, and does not play a significant role in transmission of HIV (we have looked over some of the “studies” purportedly showing circumcision as a factor in reducing transmission of HIV and these studies have some serious limitations and flaws).  Amputation of the foreskin (and that is what circumcision in the US is) is not medically necessary nor justified.


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Why do we allow this?

If you or I strap down a cat or dog and then proceed with a wrench or industrial size pliers to rip or tear off its limbs and crush its skull, if found out, we would be arrested and prosecuted on various criminal charges in all 50 states of the USA.

Yet, what we just described above is done to very small human children in their mothers’ wombs each and every day throughout the US.  It is called abortion.  For the politically correct and the “progressive”, this grisly practice is called “a woman’s right”, or simply her “choice”.

Why do we allow this?


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Sharia Law is not compatible with American freedoms

Sharia Law is not compatible with the US Constitution.  Thus, if someone claims that he/she is a Muslim and also asserts that he/she is a good American – that person cannot have it both ways.  If he or she is not advocating for the adoption and/or application of Sharia Law in the US, then he/she is a lax Muslim.  If an individual is a “good” American, then that person knows that religious law cannot be applied in the country (it cannot be binding within the Muslim community as our courts will not recognize it as valid).  As well, truth be told, Sharia Law is in stark contradiction to our Constitution, our values, and our traditions as it does not recognize nor acknowledge many of our Constitutional rights.  Sharia Law is alien and antithetical to Western civilization.  Beware those that are attempting to introduce this Trojan Horse into our society.

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circumcision: dialog with a pediatric nurse

There are many myths surrounding routine infant male circumcision in the United States.

What is rarely thought about by parents when they consider letting the doctors and/or interns circumcise their son(s) is the child’s right to bodily integrity.  And, too many Americans (including US pediatricians) are woefully ignorant as to the function of the foreskin.

We thought we would share this recent exchange between us and a circumcisionist over on YouTube (the link to the video with comments is below).


circumcision in the US


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