sexual compatibility, marriage and divorce

A terribly disturbing yet thought provoking comment on a Christian marriage blog is the impetus for this post.  Before providing the full quote of the comment (below), let us pose the relevant questions.

Is a sexual incompatibility of the spouses reasonable grounds for seeking a divorce?  Can married couples achieve a more harmonious and mutually fulfilling and satisfying sexual life over time through effort and sacrifice?  How important is good sex to the strength and success of the marriage?  Why are the Christian churches largely silent on this challenge present in many marriages today?  What about the harm, the very great harm, done to children who suffer through a dissolution of their parents’ marriage?  A final question could be: Why do women play the role of refuser or gatekeeper when it comes to being sexually available for their husband?

Our feature image was captured last May (2016) while on holiday in Arches National Park, Utah.



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a thought provoking post on marital lovemaking

Here is a post we came across today that we think may interest some readers.

The important role lovemaking plays within marriage is discussed.  Though the target audience is married Catholics, others (Christian and non-Christian) may gain from the insights offered.  The author’s views may be considered “controversial” by some readers.

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Sex is the nourishing food of marriage

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on sex, purity and avoiding harmful extremes

Being “pure” does not require the complete desexualization of the individual.

It is sad that Christianity became warped by the influence of ancient pagan schools of thought that had a contempt for the flesh and anything related to the flesh.  If one reads the New Testament, one does not find an animosity towards the married state nor towards sex within marriage.  This animosity came later and is not authentically Christian.


heart in the open


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Delight your marriage: a review for why husbands need frequent sex

At the cordial request of another blogger, Belah Rose, we are presenting our review of the recent podcast:

DYM Ep34: Why He Wants It All The Time (And What He Should Do To Get It)

found at this link:

Belah, a wife and mother, is an insightful Christian marriage author, blogger, and speaker.  We encourage interested readers to listen to her podcast, and visit her website.

Our feature photo is “A Heart in the Open” and was taken by my wife, Lucy, in San Francisco two years ago.


heart in the open


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