the bastardization of terms: lust and sodomy

Let’s consider lust and sodomy in the context of Christian sexual morality.

The meanings of the above terms, lust and sodomy, have been stretched and distorted over the centuries.  Lust and sodomy are now catch-all terms that include thoughts, actions and behaviors that are not authentically lustful nor sodomitical.  Contemporary dictionary definitions of these words reflect the expansion and distortion from the original and more limited meanings.

Keep in mind the Gospels and what Jesus does and does not say about the married state in the Gospels.  He actually very rarely mentions marriage.  (I think there is a verse or two on marriage in Matthew.)  Jesus did not berate married persons for being married or for having sexual relations in their marriage.  You will not find an animosity towards sex within marriage in New Testament times.


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so much blather about gender roles in marriage

Since people are writing and talking about gender roles in marriage, we’ll offer our thoughts on the subject.

We see this discussion as a necessary corrective to the distortions in women’s and men’s thinking caused by the feminism of the past 50 years.

Marriage requires giving, the mutual giving of one’s self to succeed and endure.  Marriage is not a winner take all, one way street for either spouse.  Keep that in mind.

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spirituality, asceticism, and sensuality

Alternatively, the above title could be something like: Can a person be spiritual and still be sensual within his/her marriage?

Questions that come to mind are:  Does attaining a spiritual level of consciousness require an ascetic renunciation of one’s sexuality?  Are spirituality and sensuality (within one’s marriage) mutually exclusive conditions or experiences?  Can the individual seeking, or aspiring to make progress in spirituality enjoy a certain degree of sense experience and gratification in his or her life?  Or, put in other words, is the moral (not illicit) enjoyment of the physical part of one’s being, enjoyment derived from or through the senses, an impediment to making spiritual progress?

Asceticism and renunciation are found in various forms in most religions.  In extreme forms, mortification of the flesh is seen as an aid to achieving a spiritual level of consciousness.  Lifelong celibacy is a form of asceticism.

Our featured image is of a work of sculpture that depicts a being sitting in a posture of meditation (photo taken in India in February, 2017 by our blog’s photographer).  We are not sure if the being is one of the incarnations of Vishnu, or is Shiva.



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sexual compatibility, marriage and divorce

A terribly disturbing yet thought provoking comment on a Christian marriage blog is the impetus for this post.  Before providing the full quote of the comment (below), let us pose the relevant questions.

Is a sexual incompatibility of the spouses reasonable grounds for seeking a divorce?  Can married couples achieve a more harmonious and mutually fulfilling and satisfying sexual life over time through effort and sacrifice?  How important is good sex to the strength and success of the marriage?  Why are the Christian churches largely silent on this challenge present in many marriages today?  What about the harm, the very great harm, done to children who suffer through a dissolution of their parents’ marriage?  A final question could be: Why do women play the role of refuser or gatekeeper when it comes to being sexually available for their husband?

Our feature image was captured last May (2016) while on holiday in Arches National Park, Utah.



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a thought provoking post on marital lovemaking

Here is a post we came across today that we think may interest some readers.

The important role lovemaking plays within marriage is discussed.  Though the target audience is married Catholics, others (Christian and non-Christian) may gain from the insights offered.  The author’s views may be considered “controversial” by some readers.

Click the link below to go to the post.

Sex is the nourishing food of marriage

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