sacrifices and rewards

Sometimes you do not reap the full measure of the rewards for your individual sacrifices and efforts.  Or, we might say we do not enjoy all the fruits of our labors.  Sometimes that falls to future generations.

We, the present generation, are reaping the rewards of the sacrifices of preceding generations.  Since we cannot repay these now deceased individuals who made great sacrifices for us, we can at least “pay it forward” so that our children and grandchildren will benefit from our sacrifices, efforts and achievements.  Whether our children (and their children) will fully appreciate, honor and value our sacrifices is not known.

Even though we cannot capture all the benefits of what we produce, we ought to still give of ourselves, and set a good example for those around us as we try constructively to build a better, more loving world.  Let us be on guard against becoming overly selfish or self-centered.

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an open letter to Mayor Ed Lee

Mayor Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco:

“It’s in our DNA” – is what you said of San Francisco’s commitment to sheltering and giving sanctuary to illegal aliens who make it to San Francisco.

My question for you is this:  How will you make up the shortfall in the city’s operating budget each year when President Trump follows through on his promise to stop federal grant monies going to so-called sanctuary cities?


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technology cannot save us from ourselves

These days we take rapid scientific and technological progress as a given in modern life.  As we grow more and more dependent upon modern gadgetry in almost all aspects of our lives, we believe – or at least assume – that technology will save us from any challenges or threats that may come.  Are we overlooking a serious risk or threat from within as we place so much confidence in our growing scientific knowledge and technical abilities?




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a poem

The bombs began to fall

There were flashes beyond the walls

A child playing with a ball

ran down the long hall

Then we heard death’s call


What lay in the courtyard below?

A child’s charred doll


I now have dreams

filled with screams


China 81


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aliens interacting with humans: the new mythology?

There seems to be an all too human need to believe in something.

Have (space) aliens replaced the ancient pagan gods as the overseers of humans on this planet in many people’s minds?  Many ancient myths and religious texts from around the world are currently being reinterpreted with a bias in favor of aliens over supernatural beings (gods) as being the actors or players in these diverse myths and beliefs.


moon 4


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