Hillary: moral arbiter or buffoon?

There are some women who many of us do not want to play moral arbiter for the nation because of deficient competency.  One is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Jewish social revolutionary (with an ACLU background), placed on the US Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993 (replacing then retiring justice Byron White, a level-headed jurist).

Another woman who ought not play moral arbiter for the nation is Hillary Clinton – given her lack of common sense and her decades long record of personal and professional corruption and ethical violations.  She is not competent to play moral arbiter.

Have you heard any of the remarks (and read any of the tweets) Hillary has made in the past 3 days in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre?

Hillary is exposing herself for the fool that she is.  Even some of her ardent supporters from last year now have cause to pause and reflect about her competency to be President.  Donald Trump is far from perfect, yes.  But, I cringe at the thought of this Hillary being President; what a living nightmare that would be.

Hillary you are not President of the country.  And, you never will be President.  Kamala Harris, the junior US senator from California, is likely going to be the nominee in 2020.  She will motivate the black folks to turn out and vote in the next presidential election.  And, that is one of the main reasons you lost in the electoral college last November.  Blacks in Philadelphia and Detroit and Milwaukee and Charlotte did not turn out for you like they did twice for Brother Barack.

Hillary, why not give it a rest, and go quietly into the night?!  Are you so ego-maniacal that you need the spotlight on you at this time of national shock, grief and mourning?  Kindly stop lecturing us with your progressive dialectic.

You are actually hurting the “progressive” (really regressive) cause.

Our feature image is of a work of art in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.  (Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.)



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Are people up to living free?

True  freedom does not come cheap.  It is not licentiousness as so many people today believe freedom is.  True freedom or liberty requires and is inseparable from personal responsibility.

There are threats to individual liberty in society.  That is why eternal or ongoing, continuous vigilance is needed to protect and sustain personal liberty in society.  The chief threat to liberty through history has been government.  One recalls the adage by Thomas Jefferson to the effect that “When the government fears the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”  Alas, it has always been so in human society.  Free people need to seek a healthy balance and strive to avoid harmful extremes.  The absence of government would be anarchy and chaos.  (The anarchists’ dream is a destructive nightmare that must be rejected.)  Government’s drive for power and control left unchecked produces totalitarian states where the citizens are not free, and the government is capricious, despotic and tyrannical (even when the state claims it is acting on behalf “of the people”).


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The liberals’ greatest fear about Trump

. . . is that he will succeed and actually constructively solve some of the pressing problems the US faces.

If Trump and his administration do succeed in solving some of these significant problems, it may put the Left and liberals on the defensive for many years to come (and irritate the mainstream news media no end).

Think about it.  After 8 long years of President Obama, the economy never really recovered to the point that it created many good full-time jobs. Similarly, other issues did not improve.  Obama’s signature healthcare plan made healthcare unaffordable for millions of people.  Okay, we had a left-wing ideologue as president.  Now, it is time we have a man who has actual practical experience with successfully meeting challenges and solving problems.  Obama’s only real world experience was that of being a “community organizer” – whatever the hell that means.  Donald Trump has built up a major company over the years.  Pragmatic realism trumps left-wing, “progressive” ideology.

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lessons from the election

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me in the days following the US presidential election.  Due to personal and collective burnout on politics, we are sharing these only now.

The mainstream media is the biggest loser.  Having shamelessly campaigned for the loser, Hillary Clinton, those in the media cannot expect any good will from Mr. Trump when he takes office.  They really out did themselves in the final weeks prior to election day, and their very low credibility with the public is now even lower and not likely to recover any time soon.  (In fact, Trump calling them out as the frauds they are served to energize his voters in the final days of the campaign.)  The lesson here is that the news media and journalists ought to stick with reporting the news and not try to shape the news.


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1990s: Clintons compromise national security

If you have been hearing lately of foreign powers having hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private email server (which contained classified information) while she was US Secretary of State, be aware that this is not the first time the Clintons compromised national security.

In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton let rocket (missile) technology go to China in return for contributions (via third parties) to his 1996 re-election campaign. As they say in Silicon Valley, this technology transfer “shortened their time to market” by years for China’s missiles.

Google this phrase:  Bill Clinton Loral China – and read a few articles.

The moral or lesson of the story is this: Bill and Hillary Clinton will do anything to achieve/obtain power, maintain themselves in power, and financially enrich themselves.  Think on that before you cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Long after Bill and Hill are dead and gone (they cannot live to cling to power forever), our children and ourselves will be dealing with the threats to our national security that they will have strengthened.

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vote fraud, the Left, scandals, and Hillary Clinton

The title says it all.  As we have in prior elections, we will hear that there was 100 percent voter turnout in many inner city precincts with 99 percent voting for the Democrat nominee for president.  Dead persons still on the voter rolls will cast ballots for Hillary Clinton.  Illegal aliens, who cannot legally vote, will vote multiple times.  Guess who they will be casting ballots for.

We only wish that those who ardently call for free and fair elections in other countries would be insisting on the same here in the US.  All this voter fraud disenfranchises the rest of us that vote legally.


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