quashing dissent by accusations of sexual harassment, racism, and anti-Semitism

Conservative TV personality, Sean Hannity, was recently accused of sexual harassment.  Such accusations against conservatives who are pubic figures is not new.  We can remember Anita Hill’s spurious accusations against Clarence Thomas in September 1991.  Her tale kept morphing each time she retold it.  Candidate Donald Trump effectively silenced these type accusations last October when he said his accusers would be sued in court for these false and damaging (libelous and slanderous) claims.  The resulting silence from his many accusers was deafening as they say.  When faced with possible serious consequences, those who are willing to lie and smear often have second thoughts.  Mr. Hannity, to his credit, is taking the offense (the best form of defense) here by assembling a top-notch legal team to sue false accusers.  His accuser of this past weekend is now walking back her story.

Any and all who dare to oppose the current liberal mindset and the liberal agenda in the US are subject to being accused falsely to discredit their opinions, convictions and arguments, and ultimately to being silenced by being publicly disgraced.

Let’s take a step back and consider:  What does this say about the level and quality of discourse in our free society?



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we need strong families

We need strong families in these times of social decay and societal fragmentation.  The threats to our children are many and diverse in our toxic culture.  Parents need to protect their children.

Strong families, intact marriages, 2 parent households are necessary for a harmonious society.  (As we have blogged in the past: the purpose of sexual morality is to protect and promote stable marriages and thus stable families.)


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Can Western Civilization survive?

Today, Western Civilization appears to have lost its identity, lost its soul.  It is under constant attack from many quarters.  By “western civilization”, we mean those ideas, values and traditions that have come down to us through history from ancient Greece and Rome and the rest of Europe and have been greatly shaped or influenced by Christianity.

Perhaps, our question could be rephrased as:  Can Western Civilization survive its current crisis of identity?  The crisis, the pressing existential drama, seems to be inexorably progressing towards a climax.




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individual actions and collective effects

Individual actions do have a cumulative or collective effect on society.  This may seem rather obvious, yet it is often overlooked or ignored in the discussions of the day on many, diverse (and contentious) issues.

We have in Western societies normalized so much that is destructive to both individuals and to the larger society since the 1960s.  Promiscuous and perverted sexuality, and recreational drug use are 2 examples.  Both of these serve to harm families and that makes for a less harmonious society.  Ego-centric, self-absorbed individuals have contributed to many of the societal ills we face today.  Many groups clamor loudly for “rights”.  But, on closer inspection, we see that these so-called rights mean merely being able to do whatever these folks want to do for any reason or for no reason.  And, no, licentiousness is not true freedom.  True personal freedom requires the acceptance of personal responsibility.


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today’s colleges: political correctness censors free speech and thinking

You read that right.

Political correctness rules on campuses throughout the US.  It makes no difference if one is attending a private or a public university or college.

What happened at the University of California in Berkeley a few nights ago has, with less violence, happened on many college campuses around the nation for many years.  It is not really new.  David Horowitz, a former leftist turned conservative author and speaker, has spoken and written about his experiences visiting major universities to give speeches.  There were protests at many universities and there were instances where his speeches had to be cancelled.  The same is true for conservative author and speaker, Ann Coulter. Non-politically correct visitors to universities have to bring with them bodyguards.


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the emasculation of the white male

Such a male, being afraid of potentially offending others, is himself offensive in his cowardice.

Perhaps we ought not be surprised by the presence in our societies of so many men who are in their behavior nearly apologetic (or ashamed?) about being male.  The attacks on boys in the school systems of Western countries combined with the aggressive feminism, socialism, multiculturalism and political correctness in the culture these past few decades have taken a heavy toll on males.  I think white males have been more susceptible to harm than non-white males these past few decades as so-called “white privilege” has come under greater attack.


hetero pride 4


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media and liberal meltdown over Trump

How refreshing indeed: A man who actually stands up to the fools in the media!

As actor Denzel Washington said not long ago, those in the media are only interested in being first to break “a story” and not interested in the truth (or lack thereof) of the hurriedly reported story.  In a desperate frenzy to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump before he takes office, the folks in the media are exposing themselves as the fools they really are.  Their guiding principle is now to run with and publish anything and everything that may serve to discredit and cast doubt on the man’s character, his judgement, and his past behavior.  The problem is that what is rushed to press, posted on their news websites and on social media is often not factually accurate.

We are seeing a meltdown of the “journalists” and opinion makers in the mainstream news media because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost on November 8, 2016.  Their lack of judgement (and lack of integrity) is coupled with their lack of maturity and both are becoming plain to see even for those sympathetic to them and their liberal bias.

Hurray for Trump to stand up to them today in his news conference.


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