When God is Absent—Power is God

Here is a thought provoking post from another blog.

God does not believe in atheists

oppression11So long as the Self is temporal in space and time, nothing preceding birth, nothing beyond the grave, it follows quite necessarily that the perpetuation of the best possible state of being is the only end worthy of pursuit in an otherwise brief and brutish existence. And this ultimate purpose consists, unequivocally, of a fourfold pursuit:

1. To prolong existence
2. To maximize pleasure;
3. To minimize pain; and finally
4. To ensure by any means necessary that nothing may compromise the pursuit.

It is only too easy to see why the pursuit of power is logically inexorable to this purpose. Power is, by definition, the means by which one’s interests are secured, which applies as much to the Self as it does to the State. And if Ultimate Power does not reside in the Kingdom of Heaven, it falls upon the Self to claim it on Earth, which is…

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How Liberal Judges Seized Control of Federal Courts

This is an interesting article. Those of us who decry judicial tyranny and want more power returned to the states see that this upcoming presidential election is crucial on reigning in the out of control judges.


From the Daily Signal, by Philip Wegmann

President Barack Obama successfully has appointed more than 320 federal judges. Here, he speaks in the Rose Garden on June 4, 2013, while announcing nominees to fill vacancies on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. They are, from left, Robert Leon Wilkins, Cornelia Pillard, and Patricia Ann Millett. After floor fights, the Senate eventually confirmed all three. (Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/Newscom)

On the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. After nearly eight years as president, he has delivered on one front by reshaping the federal judiciary.

That revolution has been comprehensive, dramatic, and under the radar.

When Obama entered the Oval Office, liberal judges controlled just one of the 13 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Fifty-five successful presidential nominations later, liberal majorities now control nine of those appeals…

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How was your day?

This short post caught our attention today. We do need perspective in our lives. We also need to work to help others who are suffering.

Fat, Broke, but not Stupid!

There is a lot of unnecessary pain in the world. I’m not just talking about war and violence, but pain we cause others and ourselves as well.

We make meaningless things important. We hurt others and ourselves giving too much power to things that have no true value.

I think about this as I look at the boy in this picture. His house had been bombed in a civil war. While his parents and two siblings are still alive they are now homeless. What this boy and his family must face on a daily basis makes me ashamed of all I have and how much power I give to meaningless things.

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Where are the Heroes of Today?

Here is a blog post we came across today. Food for thought.

This Life & Beyond

Blog_NoGreaterLoveI’m struck silent as I consider statistics on child poverty, abuse, and injustice. 143 million orphans. 1 billion children worldwide living in poverty. Over 3 million children abused each year. 150 million children engaged in child labor. 400,000 children trafficked across the borders each year. Reading these facts, I lament: these children need a hero. Actually, they need heroes to rise up and become a voice in our world of injustice.

In light of the grave suffering our world’s children endure, it’s a farce that our culture would attempt to re-define heroism according to a person’s investment in their own sensual fulfillment. Really? Would we call a hero one who would spend millions in pursuit of self-gratification? Is courage now dependent on one’s commitment to self-indulgent personal happiness? Is bravery now equated to one’s ability to acquire millions for squandering on selfish fantasies?

There was a time when…

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helpful essays for recent subscribers

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