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Here is a lengthy interview with the scholar and author. Michael Hoffman..  In this interview, as modern Judaism is critiqued, we have the Christian Zionist position exposed for the error that it is.  Christians must reject Zionism.

interview with author Michael Hoffman

Here is a recent post that presents much hidden history.

Who started World War II: what they don’t want you to know

New update!  Here is the link to our YouTube channel where you can see and listen to me discuss various subjects. YouTube channel

Here is our next offered link.  Julie Sibert does an excellent job with her Christian marriage blog.  We recommend this blog for married couples.  Visit her blog site here:

intimacy in marriage

For book lovers and for those who enjoy reading, you might visit Dover Publications’ website.  Dover publishes inexpensive paperback reprints of many classics (otherwise not in print) in several subject areas (literature, philosophy, science, etc.).  They offer more than just children’s books.  There are many titles for the college student and for the general reader.

dover publications

For a good article that refutes holocaust dogma, click on this link:

holocaust or holohoax: 21 amazing facts

In memory of Donna Summer, one of the greatest female vocalists of the 20th century, we share this link to a very good song and video, This Time I Know It’s For Real, with Donna on YouTube.

This Time I Know Its For Real

Here is a video discussion on YouTube about the Bad War with author Mike King:

The Bad War discussion

Here is the link to Europa, another good blog:

Europa, the last battle


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