Welcome to our page on Living.  On this page, we list links to some of our essays on living – living constructively, happily (if possible), and meaningfully in today’s world.

Our feature image was taken on Saturday, 20 September 2014, at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.


colors refracted


Thoughts on how to attain some happiness in your daily living.


Are careers taking much of our time and energy?

are we attaching too much importance to our careers

The need for “down time”.

the need for down time and getting back to nature

The holidays are a depressing and stressful time for many people.

the holidays: a time of despair for some

The little every day annoyances can some times cause us to lose control.

sometimes it is the little things that push you over the edge

Freedom and letting go.

freedom and letting go

A good book with some penetrating analysis.

book review: blunder – why smart people make bad decisions

Mentally dealing with pain.

pain and one approach to coping with it

An essay on humans and their mental approach to the past and to the future.

on human psychology – short and sweet today

An overview of another good book on life.

book overview: life 101

Love is the riskiest of investments.

love: the riskiest of investments

The worst pain is not physical.

the worst pain is not physical

An essay that challenges us to question and assess our life’s priorities.

you have 30 minutes to live what do you do

When we are reminded that our time on this earth is brief, we reassess how we have been living our life.

a visit to the columbarium – a reminder of our mortality

Learning to accept one’s self.

learning to accept one’s self

The human condition, free will, etc.

the human condition, free will, decisions, choices and consequences

We live in a world with little justice, not much love and little mercy.

meandering thoughts in search of justice, love and mercy

We can choose to love and be compassionate, or to be self-absorbed.  This is a choice we make.

compassion, indifference, callousness and humans

Mental illness is not rare in these times.  Can we help others who are suffering and not aware that they need help?  Can we recognize the signs of mental illness in ourselves?

the spectre of mental illness has always haunted human history

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