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An essay on threats to marriage you should not ignore:

An essay on the harmful effects of sexual refusal within marriage:

On proper “gender” roles within a marriage:

Our thoughts on long-term cohabitation are in this essay:

Consider the marriage where one spouse listens to and defers to her/his parents and siblings instead of listening to and working with her husband, or his wife:

Our thoughts on the “nice guy” syndrome:

For those spouses who desire better emotional intimacy in their marriage, see this next essay.  There are a few links to resources by women for women.

The need for Christian marriage bloggers and the importance of mutually fulfilling sex in marriage.

An essay on the purpose of (and need for) sexual morality.

For parents of teenage children, we include these 2 thoughtful essays by another blogger.  (Please note that we do not necessarily agree with other posts from this blogger, but find these 2 blog posts to be helpful and worth reading and thinking on.)  Please talk to your teenage children about sex periodically.  Both parents should be in the respective conversations with their daughters and with their sons.  For many Christians, the subject of masturbation can be a difficult even taboo topic to address.  But, the reality is that our children do engage in it, and that is not necessarily such a bad thing.  We have commented on both of these essays.  There is a role for masturbation in helping our children save sex for their future marriages.

Is masturbation sinful or harmful?

And, here:

Does masturbation always involve lust?


Another essay on the value and importance of sexual love within marriage (with some links to helpful essays by women marriage bloggers).

The giving nature of sexual love in marriage:

A review of a book on the nature of female sexuality that has many good insights:

Here is a post of ours that has good links to a few good Christian marriage bloggers (all of whom are wives):

intimacy resources for Christian wives

Next, here is an essay addressing when a husband has low libido (sex drive) and things that can be done naturally to alleviate this problem.

This next essay deals with sexual intimacy in specifics and with explicit terms, and has various links to other articles and several comments from women on sex.  Adults only.

Some areas covered include a link to an article by a married woman (and Christian marriage blogger) on the female orgasm; the need for frequent lovemaking in marriage; women’s views/comments on accepting their man’s semen during intercourse and the meaning this has for them (the women); and a comprehensive examination of just exactly what the man feels and experiences during his ejaculatory process (orgasm and ejaculation) is also presented.

In addition to the physical aspects of sexual intimacy, we want to stress that there are important emotional and mental aspects for the wife and the husband in their lovemaking.

Due to the length of this essay, it is best read or viewed on a desk top computer or a tablet.

Here, now, is a recent post (October 2018) from another blogger on the husband loving his wife with oral sex.  Written by Ruth, a Christian wife, this can be helpful for husbands.  There is a special and deeply intimate connection to be shared and experienced by both spouses in loving oral sex.

How to make oral sex luxurious for your wife


We have addressed oral sex, specifically the wife performing it for her husband (also known as fellatio), in a few essays.  We want readers to recognize the value of the shared intimacy and connection in this loving act.  This is one essay to start with.  (It is not very long and is a good place to start on this delicate topic.)

For the wife who is reluctant to try giving oral sex to her husband, this short essay discusses the reasons women cling to for not giving oral sex.  It explains that the fear of performing fellatio is unfounded and can be let go of.  Then, the wife is free to enjoy this beautiful and intimate expression of sexual love with her husband.

Renee Wade, of the Feminine Woman website, has written this classic on understanding why men love to receive oral sex,  But there is much more to this very insightful article.  It addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of femininity and masculinity, and the interplay of the woman’s feminine nature or feminine energy with her man’s masculine nature/energy in their loving relationship.  Highly recommended.

Why Do Men Really Love Blowjobs?


We wish for wives and husbands to achieve sexual fulfillment and joy within their loving marriages.  We believe that oral sex has a place in the couple’s lovemaking within a Christian marriage.  Why should Christian married couples not experience and enjoy the depths of sexual intimacy?  And, attitudes are rapidly changing in Christian circles regarding this form of expression of the sexual love between the spouses.  If we can strengthen the sexual bond between the spouses, marriages will be stronger.  As well, stronger, more loving marriages not only benefit the spouses and their children, but also benefit society as a whole.

Our best essay on oral sex (fellatio) within marriage is next.  A lengthy discussion of the value of oral sex is followed by many helpful, explicit tips for wives in an appendix.  (This is one of our most popular essays in terms of views.)  Feel free to share the link to it with your spouse.  This is a comprehensive treatment of fellatio and can answer many questions and concerns you may have about it.

Due to the length of this essay, it is best read or viewed on a desk top computer or a tablet.

Here is a great, thorough yet concise article (recently written by a Christian wife over on Awaken-Love) on how to give good oral sex to your husband. It deals with technique. We highly recommend it.

how to love your husband with oral sex

And, here is another post (highly recommended for its great insights!!) from the same blogger:

Is giving oral sex arousing for you?

This next essay treats health concerns with oral sex (HPV and STIs, and oral and throat cancer).  It is not the act of performing oral sex that puts one’s health at risk.  If you and your spouse are free of HPV and free of STIs, there is no risk in either of you performing oral sex.  Several links are included to helpful medical and health articles.  The risks with Gardasil (the HPV vaccine in the US) are noted via linked articles.

No discussion of marriage and sex would be complete without at least talking a little about birth control.  Here is our one and only essay on the topic, and we thoroughly address one device that has a major problem that many women (and men) may not be fully aware of. Our article was thoroughly researched and contains links to various websites and several informative quotes from these.

An essay from early 2016:

Best wishes to all married persons.  Nurture your love for each other.

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