sunrise through the smoke

Here is an image of the sun rising through the smoke filled air on Wednesday, 11 October 2017.  We see the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge in the foreground.  The hills of the East Bay are obscured by the heavy smoke.  The bad air from the large wildfires raging north of San Francisco has even made its way into the air conditioning systems of the office towers downtown.  This view was captured through the glass of one such high rise building (by my wife).



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antelope canyon part one: “chrome”

Located on the Navajo Reservation, this famous and increasingly popular natural wonder is only a few miles from Page, Arizona.

We will offer two parts to the photographic record of our visit there on Saturday, 23 September, 2017.  This first part will share the pictures taken in “chrome” mode.  The second part will offer our images that were taken in natural (or without any enhancement) mode.

A stunning view here.




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looking down at Horseshoe Bend

Located only a mile or so south of town and accessible from the main highway, Horseshoe Bend is a must see when visiting Page, Arizona.  This essay is a pictorial record of our visit to this famous, scenic spot on the morning of Friday, 22 September, 2017.  (There are about 30 images here.  You can do this.)



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BNSF train seen from I-40 in northern Arizona

Finally in the role of passenger (and not driver!), I could take these shots of the double stack train seen from the moving rental car.  A point of history here: the double track mainline of the old Santa Fe (ATSF) was here before the interstate highway (I-40) was laid down decades later.  The old coaling and water stations along the steam-driven railroad became highway towns.  (The old Route 66 shares some sections with the newer I-40, I believe.)  This was the Santa Fe piece of the merger with Burlington Northern.  Santa Fe was making good money on intermodal transport, and the BN was the heavy hauler of clean coal from the Powder River Basin in eastern Wyoming,  This “end to end” rail merger made good business sense.

I-40 and the BNSF mainline.  This is big time interstate truck hauling on the highway, and big time railroading on the tracks.  The heavy trucks go the posted speed limit of 75 mph.  And, there are plenty of these found in each direction on the highway: westbound to Los Angeles, and eastbound to Albuquerque and points further east.

This train, seen at dusk, was moving westbound as we drove east on the highway.



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Hillary: moral arbiter or buffoon?

There are some women who many of us do not want to play moral arbiter for the nation because of deficient competency.  One is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Jewish social revolutionary (with an ACLU background), placed on the US Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993 (replacing then retiring justice Byron White, a level-headed jurist).

Another woman who ought not play moral arbiter for the nation is Hillary Clinton – given her lack of common sense and her decades long record of personal and professional corruption and ethical violations.  She is not competent to play moral arbiter.

Have you heard any of the remarks (and read any of the tweets) Hillary has made in the past 3 days in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre?

Hillary is exposing herself for the fool that she is.  Even some of her ardent supporters from last year now have cause to pause and reflect about her competency to be President.  Donald Trump is far from perfect, yes.  But, I cringe at the thought of this Hillary being President; what a living nightmare that would be.

Hillary you are not President of the country.  And, you never will be President.  Kamala Harris, the junior US senator from California, is likely going to be the nominee in 2020.  She will motivate the black folks to turn out and vote in the next presidential election.  And, that is one of the main reasons you lost in the electoral college last November.  Blacks in Philadelphia and Detroit and Milwaukee and Charlotte did not turn out for you like they did twice for Brother Barack.

Hillary, why not give it a rest, and go quietly into the night?!  Are you so ego-maniacal that you need the spotlight on you at this time of national shock, grief and mourning?  Kindly stop lecturing us with your progressive dialectic.

You are actually hurting the “progressive” (really regressive) cause.

Our feature image is of a work of art in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.  (Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.)



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