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Here is an essay that considers some of the challenges parents face today.

the challenges that parents face

Here is an essay on parenting and families that covers several relevant issues (including the need for foster and adoptive parents).

some thoughts on parenting and children

Here is a recent post on the need for both parents to be involved in discussions about sex with their children.

both parents need to participate in their children’s sex-ed

Positive reinforcement is needed for children.

the need for positive reinforcement 

Our reflections on Mother’s Day:

reflections for mothers day and on families

This next link is to a very well written, insightful essay by a Christian wife and mother ( on the importance of fathers to their daughters.

what dads teach daughters intimacy

Parents can work with their children to protect them from the bullying behavior of others, and to help make sure that their children do not become bullies of other children.

the psychology of bullies

Our thoughts on the “tough love” approach.

thoughts on tough love

As to education and schooling, parents need to be aware that the schools today are driven by ideological agendas that are not geared to developing independent, critical thinking skills in your children.

some thoughts on ideology in higher education

When your children are adults, there is a need to let go for their benefit and for your benefit.

parenting: the need to let go

It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children’s health.  In these next 3 essays, we address serious threats to your children’s health and a common and very unnecessary surgery routinely performed in the US.

The powerful and harmful drugs used to modify and/or control the child’s behavior:

protect your children from legal drugs

The serious harm that some of the ingredients in childhood vaccines can cause to young children:

childhood vaccinations: protecting your children from harm

The US is the exception among industrial nations in routinely circumcising its baby boys. Read this essay to learn more about circumcision, the fact that it is not medically necessary, and the harm it does that the doctors won’t tell you about.

Why do we circumcise? 

Best wishes to all families.  Parents love, teach and protect your children. And, children love, honor, respect and obey your parents.

Also, visit our marriage and sex page for helpful essays on marriage and sexual intimacy within marriage.

marriage and sex


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