Random Photo

Welcome to our Random Photo page.

We will try to update this page 2 or 3 times each month with a different photo of ours that we think is attractive in appearance or is soothing to the mind, or for whatever reason we may have at the time.

Here is a darling pic of our house cat.


a little rascal


We now (mid January 2015) post this photo of large Christmas ornaments in a plaza in San Francisco in December 2013.




In this photo, taken on 10 October 2014, we see a sea bird flying in front of a con trail from a plane at an air show in San Francisco.


blue angels 2014 san francisco




Our feature image was taken on Saturday, 20 September 2014, at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.  These colored lights were flashing and continuously changing colors, but the shutter speed of the camera captures the way these looked at a specific instant in time.


colored lights 2


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