Welcome to our page on Thinking.  On this page, we present links to some of our more thought provoking essays on various subjects.  Some of these essays are challenging in that these make you think.  But, that is a good thing.

Our feature image was taken on Saturday, 20 September 2014, at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.  If you look at the photo, you will see that it has an optical illusion effect.


optical illusion


Do the oft cited opinion polls measure people’s views, or do these polls shape our views?

opinion polls: do they manipulate our thinking?

The differences in the sexes (women and men) are rooted in the differences in their respective brains.

book review: brain sex it is not what you might think

A short essay on what is happening right now, this instant.

what is happening right now

What if there were nothing?  No thing whatsoever.  Read this short, popular essay.

what if there were nothing

One of our earliest essays.  On poverty and economic opportunity.

approaches to alleviating poverty must include addressing its underlying cause to be effective

Some personal reflections.

shadows and the present moment

A more comprehensive view of justice.

the 2 sides of the coin of justice and the lack of justice in this world

Some thoughts on the Buddhist ideal of the bodhisattva.

the bodhisattva: some thoughts

The paradoxes and ironies in the life of a saint.

the paradox or irony of the saint

The eastern concept of Karma – does it really explain or account for what we see in this world, and in our lives and in the lives of others?

the law of karma in question

Next, we have 2 essays in one.

zen for today and mind-brain relationship

Thoughts on life in this world.

this world is a forge so said the zen master

Would a longer human life span make sense?

would a longer human life span make sense?

Some thoughts on today’s society and we modern humans.

collective apathy: do you demoralise people when you de-moralize them?

Another of our earliest essays.  How do we conduct a “just” war?  How should we?

wars, just causes, war crimes, civilian non-combatant casualties, world war ii, moral philosophy

An early essay that challenges atheists.

darwin and evolution: why is the theory of evolution a foundational support to atheists in their non-belief?

An essay on the “near death” state.

near death is near death and your transcendent (identity) soul

Another early essay that is one of our most read essays.

sat-chit-ananda: being awareness bliss and what these vedic terms mean for us humans

The nature of God, from a Vedic perspective.

the nature of God: immanent and with supremely transcendant personality – vedic philosophy

A challenging essay to write as the book that inspired it was difficult to read. God, and our individual consciousness.

idealist philosophers’ impersonal absolute and our individual consciousness

Here is a bonus.  We have a few times written short stories, very short.

a short, sad story

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